We ONLY operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday



  EARLY BIRD LINE:         LEISURE LINE:                        NIGHT OWL LINE:

                                                                                            ONLY FRI & SAT

Lv. Woon @ 6:30am        Lv. Woon @ 10:00am              Lv. Woon @ 5:00pm

Lv. Cumb @ 6:40am        Lv. Cumb @ 10:10am             Lv. Cumb @ 5:10pm

Lv. Pawt @ 7:00am         Lv. Pawt @ 10:30am               Lv. Pawt @ 5:30pm

Lv. Prov @ 7:15am          Lv. Prov @ 10:45am                Lv. Prov @ 5:45pm

Lv. Warw @ 7:30am        Lv. Warw @ 11:15am              Lv. Warw @ 6:15pm

Ar. Fxwds @ 8:15am       Ar. Fxwds @ 12:00 pm           Ar. Fxwds @ 7:15pm

Lv. Fxwds @ 3:00pm       Lv. Fxwds @ 7:15pm              Lv. Fxwds @ 12:00am




There will be no line run service available on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.


Please note that the fare is $25 per person and customers may pay the fare in cash when they board the coach.  Reservations are not required in advance for cash fares.








Woonsocket  - First row space in lot in front of Chelo’s Restaurant(on Social St. entrance) 490 Clinton St.


Cumberland – Cumberland Village Plaza, 3751-3781 Mendon Rd located next to Dunkin Donuts.  Park at The Conway Tours departure sign.   


Pawtucket – Blackstone Valley Visitors Center, 175 Main St. corner of Roosevelt Ave.


Providence – Omni Hotel, One West Exchange Street


Warwick – Airport Park & Ride, Airport Road 

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